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We started selling Heart Rate Monitors in 1999. We are happy to pass on impartial advice based on many years of experience with most of the top brands including Polar, Suunto, Garmin, Wahoo Fitness, Zephyr and CardioSport.

Selling, Testing, Reviewing Heart Monitors online since 1999

In November 2013 Louise and Tristan made the difficult decision to stop selling heart rate monitors DIRECTLY from our own websites. The margins got so low, it made it very hard to be informative AND competitive. We now spend our time testing and reviewing HRM and GPS products, leaving you to buy the products from your preferred store. Please click SHOP HERE to visit our recommended supply partners.

We want you to buy the most suitable HRM for your needs and budget. This is a genuine blog site that exists to give our visitors informed and objective advice and reviews of the latest HRM and GPS products on the market from all the leading brands like Polar, Garmin, TomTom, Suunto and Cardiosport

Smartphone Heart Rate Monitors

In 1999, if you’d ask us if anyone had a heart rate strap that could connect to a mobile phone, we would have looked at them sideways… but technology doesn’t wait for anyone. Some of the best selling HRM products are peripheral devices that connect to iPhone and Android Smartphones. Leaders in this techno-revolution are brands like Wahoo Fitness, Zephyr, Viiiiva 4iiii (the world’s first Bluetooth and ANT+ HRM strap). Please click POSTS in the address bar to view our latest reviews.

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